About Us

At VIS we are committed to our customer success.  Our business will not exist without yours and we will do our best to help you reach your objectives.

One of the main strategies to drive cost down is global sourcing initiatives. 
Mexico has a very competitive position in today´s economy and many companies are considering relocating manufacturing to Mexico for specific products. 
However, low cost country sourcing brings some thorny challenges.  

Besides the specific product category cost drivers that must be considered, companies shall not overlook the next while building Total Cost Model:
  • International transportation risks 
  • Total logistics cost
  • Currency fluctuations and country risk for long term strategy
  • Supplier readiness for your specific product type
  • Overall customer value added at the manufacturing site.
  • Access to world class talent and innovation same time zone
  • Intellectual property rights protection
We created VIS with the objective to support foreign companies to develop a reliable supply chain in Mexico, providing solutions that will help your Sourcing team to understand and develop a real TCO model.
In addition, we provide a range of services to hand-hold you into the bidding, contracting and implementation process successfully, with the local knowledge we bring to the table.
We have experts in different areas of the supply chain, that we consider are the foundation to develop a successful relationship with a Mexican supplier.