Foreign Trade:

Warehousing and Distribution


México Customs Law

At VIS we focus on helping our customers to reduce their cost of Supply Chain operations.

Mexico Customs Law determines the different benefits and responsibilities for companies to conduct foreign trade. This the basis that defines tax and duties involved in all logistics transactions among two parties.

VIS team of specialists will help you identify all the tools available in our regulatory system that leverages the best benefit for your company.

If your company is already established in Mexico we provide support to ensure compliance in your operations and avoid fines, auditing your files in advance and developing a plan to present your information to the next visit from the Mexico authorities.

We provide not only Consulting but also, arms and legs that will help you complete your import/export operations filing and reporting in full compliance to the Mexico authority requirements on time:
  • Documents control: data in pediment, invoice, certificate of origin, value add calculation, packing list, etc. 

  • Verification of customs broker documentation to prevent issues to customer 

  • Verification of correct rule of origin applied for each product depending on raw material sources and regional content. 

  • Consulting on best fiscal strategy for those materials that do not fit within the NAFTA frame. 

  • Periodic review of merchandise status to verify foreign trade compliance. 

Contact us to schedule a preliminary review of current condition of your files.