Foreign Trade:

Warehousing and Distribution


Logistics Services

At VIS we want to offer a full range of solutions for our customers to rest confident that their parts will arrive from suppliers to full satisfaction and on time to their plant.

That is why we also offer the option for you to contract our services on demand or on a contract basis to coordinate the logistics process from Mexico from any country or materials imports into Mexico as well.

We can carry on the daily import/export activities with Mexico on your behalf:
  1. Definition of total logistics cost of merchandise, including not only transportation cost but applicable taxes and duties from point to point.

  2. Purchase Order confirmation with supplier.

  3. Shipment scheduling per customer instructions with required mode of transportation.

  4. Review of shipment documents according Mexico authority’s requirements: pediment, identifiers, import/export applicable regime, certificate of origin, invoice data vs. PO, packing list, etc.

  5. Coordination of amendments needed to the documents by parties, prior to shipment authorization and overall management of the import or export process with all stakeholders including shipment tracking to end destination.

  6. Inventory update if applicable per IMMEX program.

Through our team of experts in Foreign Trade, we provide the assurances that our logistics services are executed in compliance with Mexico customs law requirements and export program guidelines rigorously.