Mexico will go top 10 of aerospace industry in 2020: ProMéxico

The value of exports of aerospace will add 12 billion dollars, while the number of companies in the country will grow to 310, from the 295 registered in 2013.

QUERÉTARO, Qro.-with production costs less than countries such as China, high quality workmanship and position geographical strategic for the arrival of components and their distribution, Mexico is shaping up into the top 10 global aerospace industry in the year 2020.

According to figures from Promexico and Mexico Now Research, in 2020 the value of exports of aerospace will add 12 billion dollars, when in 2013 the amount was 5 thousand $ 400 million dollars, while for 2014 is envisaged 6,000 $ 300 million dollars.

"Profits in Mexico are derived from the ease of transfer of technology and experience by the North American free trade treaty," said Sergio Ornelas specialist sector and editor of México Now aerospace Summit in Mexico.

The number of companies in this industry in Mexico will also increase, in 2013 was 295, 310 are expected for 2014 and 2020 is expected a total of 420, he explained.

While the number of jobs will exceed 2020 the 75 thousand, while that for the end of year expected 45,000, at the end of 2013 the figure was 41 thousand employees.