We understand the cost pressures that companies are subject today and the challenges that a global business environment encompass.

We are a great alternative for those companies doing business with Mexican suppliers or customers but, do not have staff contracted in the country. Our team is completely bilingual and a college graduated, which represents a great support for your corporate buyers, making sure our customer vendors understand and abides commercial terms.

We take the responsibility to supervise and manage tactical staff in our customer best interest, with the most underlying integrity and become your eyes, ears, hands and legs in Mexico.

Let your resources to focus on your core business and become the best in class in your industry.

We relief your pressures and provide temporary or permanent resources to manage those functions within the supply chain where we know better:
  1. Sourcing in Mexico

    We can manage the complete 7 Step Sourcing Process or support specific steps such as:

    1. Once the Baseline has been defined and the potential bidders identified, our Sourcing Experts can advise on the best bidding strategy to obtain optimal results and level the field for a smooth vendor transition.
      We can also support your company by conducting traditional or online bids using the e- market place of your preference.
      Our staff can also become a great resource for your corporate buyers back home, as they are bilingual and can support managing the communication with Mexican vendors in Spanish more effectively.
      This is very critical considering that those potential suppliers that could possibly represent the best cost for your company not always have staff fluent in English and can overlook the contractual commitments. Our staff will make sure that our customer bidding terms are well understood before acceptance, avoiding you pitfalls along the new vendor contract implementation.

  2. Purchasing

    1. We can provide tactical Buyers to support your operations. Our management team will make sure the service is provided exactly as our Service Level Agreement establishes. Our staff will meet your particular company policy requirements and our firm will back up that with the respective assurances. We want all of our customers to be confident that we treat your interest as ours.

  3. Import/Export activities:

    1. From the tactical standpoint, we can provide the resources to help you manage your daily operations: the due diligence paperwork necessary to export from Mexico in compliance with Mexico Customs Law and the respective Export Promotions Program (IMMEX, ALTEX, PROSEC).
      Our Foreign Trade experts, knowledgeable on NAFTA and IMMEX requirements, will make sure all are necessary documents and controls are completed to meet Mexican authority requirements, as much as country of destination required documentation to complete a smooth logistics process.

      On the other side, we can also support those companies that want to import raw materials or goods from other countries to Mexico. Considering to sell to Mexico? Let us be your Logistics Services provider!

      We can provide the service on a need to basis or permanently. Contact us to quote for your specific needs.

  4. Product Inspections