Spend Analysis
As sourcing professionals, you are always looking for new savings opportunities and new ways to hold on the savings you have worked so hard to achieve.

The first step to develop a sourcing plan is to understand the company spend... Which are the main categories? Which are the critical items? Who are our critical suppliers? Are we going on the right direction?...

Hidden in your company spend profile rest the information that can help your organization to find opportunity for cost reduction across all your spend categories.

When planning a sourcing event, your team needs Spend Visibility in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis and develop a successful bidding strategy. This seems to be a fairly easy exercise, however, in many cases is not. 

Finding the time and resources to conduct spend analysis can be challenging: data often rests in dozens of different systems, each business unit has its own way of categorizing purchases, and your team’s priorities are often not at the top of IT and finance’s lists for completion. When you need to find a low cost partner who is able to help you to scrub the data, consolidate, rationalize, and supplement spending data across your entire company to gain comprehensive visibility and develop concrete action plans for tackling savings opportunities... come to VIS in Mexico.