Supplier Development

When it comes to supplier development, many say they do it but, the question is how would you do it? Do you have a standardized process? Our approach was selected based on the next premises: 
  • For a supplier to be considered to be able to participate in a bidding process, the company has to demonstrate first its technical and manufacturing capabilities fit with the customer requirements.

  • Although some companies that can make the first “cut” during sourcing prequalification, there will be loose ends to be addressed before any contract is awarded.

  • In order to fully qualify a supplier, this company must meet all quality and process requirements from the end customer, in addition to demonstrate ability to provide attractive pricing. 
  • Once the supplier is certified in an international standard (i.e ISO 9001), it doesn mean it has reached the preferred status for our company. It is time to work with them in continuous improvement projects using other methodologies such as SPC, 6-Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools.
With this in mind, VIS has developed a rationalized approach to help SME´s to satisfy all quality and process requirements from the specific customer or industry it is looking to serve. In addition, our approach uses the basic principles of Quality Management Systems and Lean Manufacturing to ensure the company is not only technically strong but also, grows a structure that enables the main manufacturing business process effectively. 

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