Why using a Sourcing Agent?

There are several reasons to consider outsourcing part of the Procurement activities, in particular some of them are:
  • Company supplier localization goal is greater than what you can achieve with our current staff, and have no option to add headcount. A Sourcing Agent works on a consulting basis by project with a team of experts. 

  • Once you have identified suppliers, some of them would have competitive pricing but their capabilities to absorb more business are limited, because they lack a reliable operational management system. Once again, your supplier quality engineers would not have sufficient time to work closely with all vendors to develop them at the speed you need. 

  • You have transferred business to local suppliers in the past but, the transfer was poorly managed by the supplier and company local purchasing staff, which resulted in lost opportunity for your company bottom line , not to mention that gave your Sourcing team a bad reputation. 

  • Local knowledge is essential to achieve results and takes long to develop that in house, while subcontracting bring results in a shorter time.

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