Supplier Market Intelligence

Finding the right supplier for a customized product is not an easy task. Following the same practices as in mother country, to search for a manufacturing supplier in low cost countries creates significant opportunity for error.

Doing business is different in every country. Language, business practices, culture, perceptions, etc. create a whole new scenario abroad. Companies must find the right partner for a Sourcing Agency in the specific country of interest.

There are many companies that claim to be global but really are experienced mostly in Asia. 

VIS is the first professional Mexico Sourcing Agency. Our team has years of experience in Corporate America which gives us the understanding of what you are looking for and as Mexican national, we also understand the local company business culture and can help our customers to assess who are the best candidates to source your specific product with a rationalized approach:

Our Market Intelligence process is as follows:
  1. Baseline definition.
  2. Long List: supplier identification
  3. Suppliers Outreach.
  4. Supplier Assessment: selection and prequalification
  5. Bidding strategy recommendations
For more detailed information in our process, please contact us.